Post-market Success
Platform for MedTech

Rekonnect is an eco-system for stakeholders involved with a medical device in the post-market, including Hybrid training, adverse event reporting, customer management & more

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Manage medical devices collaboratively

Rekonnect is a post-market surveillance platform for MedTech professionals

medical device success - Owner Admin

MedTech Device Specialist

Gather medical device data effectively in a product-oriented structure to empower users to optimize the performance of their medical devices.

medical device success - account admin

Device Service Engineer

Provide medical device users real-time support for issues to improve customer satisfaction and collect feedback for future medical device development.

medical device success - Product User

MedTech Sales Manager

Connect to medical device distributors and stakeholders, improve your customer relationships and strengthening MedTech brand recognition.

Accelerate medtech innovation into adoption

Rekonnect offers powerful features to ensure both device and user success


360 Device Overview

Comprehensive information management features for centralising knowledge.
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AI-Powered Knowledge

E-training and E-certification with track-and-measure analytics and dashboards.
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Advanced User Management

Create specific user roles and manage permissions with granular control.
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Feedback & Support Workflow Automation

Incentivised feedback system for device users to provide valuable post-market data.
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Predictive Maintenance

Schedule maintenance at the most cost-efficient moment to optimize device performance.
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Built-in Revenue Generation

Package post-market services and add-ons with ordering system.
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The surveillance solution for MedTech

Rekonnect delivers measurable improvements for MedTech companies in the post-market

Secure collection of post-market data for MedTech companies.

Reduce cost of device training for MedTech devices.

Increase MedTech device value & user retention.

Faster response for user issues & errors on medical devices.

Reduce medical device failures & malfunctions due to misuse.

Open up new revenue streams from post-market services.