Healthcare Personnel:
Procedural & Device Training

Rekonnect is an internal training & support system for hospitals & healthcare

Centralise Procedural Information

Gather Feedback & Complaints

Reduce Errors & Mistakes

An Ecosystem For Improving Healthcare
Competence & Satisfaction

Rekonnect is reimagining procedural success for healthcare, medical device users & stakeholders

Maintain a 360° view of all deployed devices

Faster Training & Assessment

Heathcare professionals work under extreme conditions with high levels of stress. Creating suitable conditions for group training and improving competance is critical. Improve knowlege retention with Rekonnect.

Improved Patient

Increased Job

Reduced Risk
of Errors

Reduce handling errors & misuse of devices

Track & Reduce Errors In Care

Providing a central-source of truth for procedural documentation means healthcare workers know where to find answers. Eliminate errors with Rekonnect.

Lowering Cost
of Care

Better Quality

Patient &
Caregiver Safety

Engage users with a centralized service portal

Gather Feedback & Complaints

Healthcare professionals will have ideas on how to improve their work environment, reduce risk and reduce stress. Listen & record feedback with Rekonnect.

Increased Internal

Rotation in
Staffing Reduced

Identify Areas
for Improvement

Resolve issues faster & more effectively

Centralise Internal Knowledge of Procedures

A single source of truth for healthcare professionals to access information on procedures or training. Keep staff updated with Rekonnect.

Streamline Internal

Enhance Department

Higher Information


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