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Here we have published a range of articles on post-market medical device success for global MedTech companies.

Discover Resources for MedTech Companies

Enjoy Rekonnect's indepth industry resources specifically designed for MedTech companies to achieve unparalleled growth and medical device success.

Device Success

Strengthening relationships between MedTech & users

User Success

Measurable user success can have a direct impact on healthcare

Hybrid Training

Achieve digitalization with MedTech hybrid training

Explore Post-Market Trends

Dive into the Rekonnect knowledge hub for the Post-Market inspiration and stay up-to-date on latest trends.

Software as a Medical Device

How can SaMD benefit both patients and MedTech companies...

Customer Engagement

Improve Customer Engagement for MedTech Success

MedTech Service Portal

A Central MedTech Service Portal to Streamline Device Operations

Post-Market Surveillance

Post-Market Surveillance (PMS) is the process of ongoing monitoring...

Growth of Medical Device Market

Get Insights from global market trends, revenue, & healthcare expenditure.

Adopting Digitalized Processes

MedTech companies can achieve post-market success through digitalization.

AI Bias & Impact on Healthcare

Key challenges and prospects of integrating AI into healthcare

Managing Business Relationships

Robust solutions for managing customer business relationships are critical.

Demystifying Post-Market Data

Demystifying data can be challenging for MedTech companies.

Customer Retention with Feedback

Valuing device user feedback can help you gain customer trust and loyalty.

Learning Management Trends

Demand for complex medical devices means need for reliable training solutions.

IoT in Post-Market Surveillance

IoT Revolutionizing Post Market Surveillance for Medical Devices...


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