Nordic Fe:male Investor Summit In Malmo

Nordic Fe:male Founders

This event was a pitching event planned and hosted by Minc in collaboration with the renowned Nordic Fe:male Invest Summit conference. Main focus of this event was to point to the future opportunities for fe:male start ups and persuade more women to come forward with their innovative ideas and become one of the most successful female entrepreneurs of the World. The event brought together many inspiring and successful female entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders from all the Nordic countries who presented their great pitches and introduced many inspiring innovations.

Joining Founders and Investors

One of the main goals of the summit, this year was to create the very first investment by matchmaking founders and investors. The summit provided a great platform for startup entrepreneurs and investors to exchange ideas. There was great interest in supporting and promoting female entrepreneurship. The idea behind the event was based on the belief of getting female-founded and co-founded companies more.

Gender Diversity

It is noticeable that Nordic tech scene is continuing to grow from past few years but sadly even in 21st century gender diversity is still at halt position. It is a known fact that diverse teams can be more creative and productive for the businesses but still just 0.7% of venture capital is dedicated for female founded companies in Europe, which is unfortunately the lowest in almost a decade.

Rekonnect at Nordic Fe:male Invest Summit

Brandy- the COO at Rekonnect- got the chance of presenting our Medical Device Success Platform at this honorary event. She described the idea behind the system, talked about post market disconnect and struggles and challenges of EU-MDR compliance. She briefly explained system's features (a centralized platform, close to xRM solution, and LMS for medica device companies). She also pointed our potential future-plans and extensions for the platform. She also mentioned our current pilot customers and answered audiences' questions to make it more understandable for everybody.

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Anckargripsgatan 3, Malmo


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