Introducing Ingela Hallberg

As a new advisory board member at Rekonnect, Ingela will be covering MedTech, Healthcare and our investment strategy. She brings a wealth of knowledge from her background in the Swedish Healthcare system, as well as in-depth knowledge of Medical innovation and life science through her advisory work and investments. You can learn more about Ingela's work here on her business website, Medcom Advice, or connect with her on LinkedIn.

We asked Ingela a few quick-fire questions:

In your experience what are the most significant challenges of working in Healthcare?

Historically the challenge has always been the large turnover and a shortage of staff in healthcare, and this is still the same today. This not only has a major effect on the patients and the care system, but also on staff education and the retention of knowledge regarding innovation, new methods and devices used in the prevention, detection and treatment of diseases.

What is your opinion about the digitalisation of healthcare, and what future will it create?

Digitalisation in healthcare is happening very fast, which is also reflected in the rapid growth of the MedTech industry alongside it. That also means European - and global - regulations have needed to be strengthened and enforced to improve control and quality, similar to the regulations that have been in place for the design, production and distribution of pharmaceuticals for many years.

How are the new MDR* regulations affecting the growth of MedTech companies? *MDR= Medical Device Regulations

MDR is already very important. It is affecting MedTech companies in many ways, for example, they must be able to ensure the quality of their devices and have approved technical documentation before they can be used in diagnosis and treatment. I think this is very important as there needs to be security in the devices that are already in use, as well as weeding out the products that do not meet the criteria.

How would you describe the needs of MedTech and Healthcare when talking about Training and support for complex devices?

Given that we operate in a global market where devices are distributed throughout the world and complexity is increasing rapidly, it is an advantage if there are opportunities for a fast, smooth and quality-assured training of medical-technical products and instruments. Given that there is a high turnover of healthcare staff worldwide, it is important to have the opportunity for continuous training that staff have easy access to. Here, I think flexible and digitalised solutions would be welcomed by both the medical technology industry and healthcare professionals.

What are the goals of your company Medcom-advice, and how do you help companies?

With over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and, before that, my work both as a nurse and doctor in healthcare, my goal is to help and guide start-up companies in life science to move forward in their development in the meeting with various stakeholders ranging from initiating clinical trials, regulatory challenges, meeting the market and investors, thus avoiding unnecessary pitfalls.

What attracted you to the work of Rekonnect and its product, Rekonnect?

Rekonnect is exactly the product that both the medical technology industry and healthcare need - easy, flexible, qualitative training of medical-technical products and diagnostic instruments regardless of where in the world the product and the healthcare facility are located.

Want to learn more about Rekonnect?

Why not get in touch on, or follow our LinkedIn business page where we post updates and opportunities. We also have a twitter account here where you can follow all the action.


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