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Medical Devices Post-market

MedTech Device Instruction & Digital Training Records.

Rekonnect gives you control over internal and external training for device users and distributors, meaning you meet MDR's post-market requirements.


Post-market Medical
Device Training & Instruction.

Rekonnect is reimagining post-market success for medtech, medical device users & healthcare.

Maintain a 360° view of all deployed devices

Enhanced Accessibility For Flexible Learning.

With full device compatibility users can access training materials anytime, ensuring flexibility in learning, empowering users to develop knowledge on thier terms. Post-market Device Training with Rekonnect.

Reduce handling errors & misuse of devices

Personalized Learning Paths For Growth.

Rekonnect’s individualized approach improves learning efficiency and ensures device users meet standards for device use and application. Maintain training records with Rekonnect.

Engage users with a centralized service portal

Collaborative Learning for Knowledge Sharing.

Rekonnect fosters a community of device users and healthcare professionals, facilitating knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer engagement. Build a community fan base with Rekonnect.

Resolve issues faster & more effectively

Real-Time Training & Assessment Data.

Rekonnect enables users to track their progress with interactive quizzes, practical exercises then receive immediate feedback, highlighting areas of strength and areas that need further attention. Stay MDR compliant with Rekonnect.

Begin Your Post-Market Journey

With Rekonnect you can deliver advanced stakeholder relationship management, device information management, service management and more.

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