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Medical Devices Post-market

Handling Complaints For MedTech Post-market Surveillance.

Rekonnect’s proactive approach helps identify potential risks and ensure device safety. Begin your MDR post-market journey today.


Better Post-market Support
& Complaint Processing.

Complaint Management, adverse Incident reporting & root cause analysis. With Rekonnect you can reimagine post-market success for your medical devices.

Maintain a 360° view of all deployed devices

Securely Resolve Post-market Issues For Medical Devices.

Recording customer input, manufacturers can address concerns, enhance user experience, and deliver reliable medical devices. Better Post-Market Surveillance with Rekonnect.

Reduce handling errors & misuse of devices

Collect Medical Device Errors & Record Adverse Events.

By documenting incidents companies can highlight potential risks associated with their products and identify improvements. Improve device safety with Rekonnect.

Engage users with a centralized service portal

Digitally Enhance Your Medical Device User Experience.

Customers want to solve issues, and learn about devices themselves. Reduce the cost of post-market customer support and respond to issues faster. Deliver customer service with Rekonnect.

Resolve issues faster & more effectively

Drive Device Innovation & Foster Company Growth.

Closely analyze post-market customer feedback, gain insights that fuel innovation, allowing them you to develop new features, or services that better meet customer demands. Stay compliant with Rekonnect.

Begin Your Post-Market Journey.

With Rekonnect you can deliver advanced stakeholder relationship management, device information management, service management and more.

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