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How can MedTech companies address their data challenges?


Data can be in abundant amounts and is often distributed in multiple places. Unorganized data can be a growing pain for developing businesses unless processed properly and provided when needed. Getting the means for easy organization of data can be promising in the longer run. In these challenging times for mid-size MedTech companies, demystifying data through a platform that is easier to understand and put to use, can be the only required solution. Rekonnect can hold all data in an integrated place, helping both device manufacturers and users.

Demystifying Post-Market Data is the Key Challenge for MedTech Industry in the Way of Continued Growth

Simplify your data management techniques

1. Data Handling

Data handling is a complex process mainly involving the following three points

Data Gathering
and Arranging

Data Storing
and Categorizing

Processing and
Analyzing Data

Data contains information critical for device success, so data handling has become very demanding. Miss-handling of information can lead to medical device failure. Rekonnect's centralized and unified platform supports the data-handling processes, mentioned above, for MedTech companies to let them thrive in the market.

Post-market Success Platform for MedTech

Post-market Success Platform for MedTech

The eco-system for stakeholders involved with a medical device in the post-market

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"Rekonnect is the solution that both MedTech & healthcare need; hybrid training for medical devices regardless of customer or user location."

Ingela Hallberg - MedCom Advice

2. Data Management in MedTech

Mirroring trends in other industries, the MedTech industry has largely become data-driven and more output-focused in this era of technology. Wondering about what kind of data can require handling in MedTech? Below are a few examples:

  • Device Information

  • Device specifications

  • User guides and manuals

  • Training courses data (ppts, videos, and images)

  • Customers' information

  • Customer feedback

  • Support tickets' data

  • Sales data

Europe's updated Medical Device Regulations which are going to be applicable in 2025, gave a strong push toward data in this field. Rekonnect offers a unified IoT-enabled and cloud-based platform for collecting, storing, and organizing all this data in one centralized place.

3. Developing Personalized Models

The MedTech industry's focus is shifting from conventional business models to more IT-involved and centralized systems. The upgraded methodology is going to be proven useful in the means of Medical Device Success for utilizing all the raw data like device data (device information, ticket logs, device performance data), users' data, resources, and stakeholders' information and based on this, taking better business decisions.

The devices can work in an interrelated and more secure way with a platform supporting personalized business models for effective utilization of data to deliver improved device quality, better device interactions, and supervised care.

4. Modernizing your Data Strategies


Market Growth

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Data can be a challenge or an opportunity to achieve business goals, depending on the ways of handling and utilizing it. In 2020, the global medical device market has faced a decline of 3.2% but a goal to reach $603.5 billion by 2023 has made MedTech companies more focused on data handling techniques to cope with the increased digitization demand.

Europe Medical Device Market Growth Rates

Source: MedTechEurope

Rekonnect offers the most effective data management solution in the market. Having a platform to make personalized data strategies, can target more customers, increase product development, and increased return on investment (ROI).

Conclusion: Combining MedTech and LMS is Leading to a Promising Future

Rekonnect is the most reliable means to develop aligned data management techniques in a centralized platform, for medical device improvements. With the help of data management, data analytics, and AI tools, we’re building our system to make predictions for problems and errors beforehand to make them avoidable in real-time usage. Proper utilization of data and the ability to create personalized data models can lead to improved, effective, and high-value medical devices.

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