Managing Business
Relationships in MedTech

How can MedTech Companies step up their game of managing business relationships?

Introduction: XRM platform for MedTech companies

xRM uses the CRM platform as the basis and is an extensive process of thoroughly dealing with a lot more than just customer & user groups, forecasts, ticketing & support, and customer relationships but also dealing with your employees, suppliers, resources, partners, stakeholders, and more!

Rekonnect is an all-inclusive and first-ever solution with the support of xRM system, for the medical device industry that lets you understand and connect with all your business assets using proper analytical tools, AI, and processed data, at a single centralized place.

xRM in MedTech Industry Revolutionizes Relationship Management and Streamline Workflow Processes

Optimize your operational proficiency with advance customer management

xRM is better than CRM- Know why?

X-tended Users

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems were designed to manage customer relations only. These systems can mostly be used by selected teams only e.g., sales, marketing, and customer service teams for maintaining customer affairs (interactions & experiences). But with an advanced xRM system, the scope gets wider and User Success gets easier to achieve. It can be used by extended users of business teams including the suppliers, the investors, and the competitors, etc., It can basically track and record all the business activities, and interactions, and manage all business relationships- CRM's expanded features and functionality.

Complexities With Typical Methodologies


Customer Support
in MedTech

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Using archaic methods and older versions of the customer relationship management system (CRM) puts a limit on your resources. For example, if a company needs to maintain its business relationships separately and in a manual way, it can pose a great hassle for both the stakeholders and the users because they are working extra for the things which could be managed by a reliable xRM system.

Industrial distinction and operational competence can be compromised without a proper XRM system, which nobody would prefer in today's era.

Digitalization of Business Applications

The traditional methods of managing marketing, sales, and customer service, through CRM, have taken a step towards completion by advancing the customer relationship management (CRM) system to xRM (Extended Relationship Management) and managing all the business processes like management and engagement of suppliers, availability of resources, relationships with partners, stakeholders, customers, and employees, etc., through one common platform. This allows full transparency between interfaces, processes, and access management.

xRM in MedTech

Medical Device Regulations (MDR) focus and put extra emphasis on quality management systems with accessible trackability and full transparency. By using an xRM system to link all your data sources to one centralized platform you can get on the right track in the Medical Device Market. With all the data accessible in a single, shared, and centralized place. Rekonnect allows you to stay connected and aware of all business activities, have a collaborative managing environment, better security, control, and improved customer experience, at a unified platform.

Post-market Success Platform for MedTech

Post-market Success Platform for MedTech

The eco-system for stakeholders involved with a medical device in the post-market

Why choose Rekonnect
Rekonnect Team

"Rekonnect is the solution that both MedTech & healthcare need; hybrid training for medical devices regardless of customer or user location."

Ingela Hallberg - MedCom Advice

Conclusion: Game Changer for MedTech Companies

With the increased impact of digital technologies these days medical device companies need a system that can keep up with their fast-paced industry. Rekonnect is the perfect and robust solution for managing all business assets and relationships for a medical device company at a centralized platform. We let you control various aspects of business such as service management down through maintenance & audit from a centralized platform, so they are done more productively. From diagnostic machines to treatment devices - you can digitize their processes with us!

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